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Experience a Step back in time

The Castle Inn is the last of the grand resorts which existed in Delaware Water Gap 110 years ago.  Delaware Water Gap had over 500,000 people who vacationed there, escaping the heat and low quality sanitation of the cities.  People from New York City and Philadelphia traveled by train to arrive to this area.  Delaware Water Gap was the second most popular in-land destination in the United States, second to Saratoga Springs, New York.  The Castle Inn, once a resort, is now a venue space for events, as well as a host to professional offices and unique retail shops.  The guided tour will take you back in time.  You will see the sites in Delaware Water Gap that still exist today, experience the Castle Inn in its restored Victorian Era grandeur, and hear the stories of experiences from the past.

Mountain View Trolley

The corner of Waring Drive and Delaware Avenue in Delaware Water Gap, was once a stop on the Mountain View Trolley line.

Historic Trolley Tour

During the spring, summer, and fall months, one can board a historic trolley tour at the same stop of the original Mountain View Trolley. Please ask us about this amazing tour that provides a history of Delaware Water Gap as well as other famous sites in the area.

The Music Hall

This is a close up of the entrance in the hay-day of this iconic structure.

The Dining Hall and Music Hall

Featured to the left is the Dining Hall, built in 1911, and to the right, the Music Hall, built in 1910. The Dining Hall could seat 500 guests. The Music Hall provided entertainment to guests of the day featuring Enrico Caruso, Fanny Brice, and John Philip Sousa. In later years it was a workshop, rehearsal, and performance space for Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians, and for thousands of music students from the United States and Canada. The building burned down in 1985, and the space now has an authentic waterfall for a wedding ceremony backdrop, and has a stage area that serves as the main stage for the annual Celebration of the Arts (COTA) festival, which takes place every year on the weekend after Labor Day. The event has world renowned jazz artists who come from all over the world to perform.

Guided Tour of the Castle Inn and Delaware Water Gap

The guided tour is a walking tour that takes you through the property of the Castle Inn and some surrounding areas of Delaware Water Gap.  The tour is available all year round.  Reserve your spot today!

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